The seven things you should have in your LTMP

These are the seven things you need to include in your LTMP for it to be compliant and to create a document that becomes a genuinely useful planning tool.

Note that this is a brief bullet point list.  For more details about why some of these things should be in your plan take a look at this article, what should be in your LTMP.

1. The administrative details

2. A description and condition assessment of all building items, infrastructure and common property

3. What items you want to include and what you want to leave out

There's more information here in this article titled What shoud be in your LTMP

4. The age, life and cost of replacement of each item

5. The cost of maintenance of each item

6. The amounts you are going to set aside for your long-term maintenance fund

7. Whether or not you have a Long-Term Maintenance Fund

If you're interested in learning more about this we've published a paper called fund or no fund?


First published by: John Bradley. August 2016  

Last updated by John Bradley.  January 2019


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