Case Study: Modern, High Spec, Wynyard Quarter

Absolutely top end - and absolutely a joy to prepare the LTMP

We were recently commissioned to prepare the LTMP for 132 Halsey Street in Auckland's presigious Wynyard Quarter.  

This georgeous new development is fitted with a range of high spec services including a concierge, a fully equiped fitness centre, a furnished meeting room and a 16 seat movie theatre.  

The infrastructure is equally highly spec'd with five elevators, a rubbish compactor, a cash wash in the basement and extensive modern ventilation systems.

But for us as long-term maintenance planners, the real excitment comes from the wide range of modern systems used on the roofs and walls.

This is what Rhys (our planner on this job) wrote to describe the exterior wall claddings.

"Cladding systems to the development include anodised aluminium EML (expanded metal lathing) cladding, steel plate with paint finishes, glass screens, precast GFRC (glass reinforced fibre cement) spandrels and panels with both paint finishes and natural/polished finishes, timber soffits, aluminium louvres, profiled metal cladding and timber/glass/metal entrances."

But while that might all sound a bit daunting, from a planners point of view, a brand new modern building like this is actually not that challenging when it comes to preparing the LTMP.   That's because - even if we hadn't come across some of the cladding products before - we were able to obtain copies of all of the manufacturer's maintenance specifications, particularly in regard to what is required to maintain the warranties. 

The body corporate has also appointed a building manager who supervises the maintenance programme and by the time we were called in, the programmes were mostly all up and running and much of our role was to formalise the maintenance programmes in the LTMP, so their funding can all be approved by the Body Corporate.

So while this development is definitely up there for us as one of the most highly specified we have had the privildge to prepare the LTMP for, it still has a roof, wall claddings, doors and windows etc, etc, just like all other developments and finished document was no longer or more complicted than any others we have prepared.  

In fact, compared to some of the old, small, run down, and broke unit developments we prepare plans for, this beautiful building in Wynyard Quarter was an absolute joy. 


Updated by John Bradley

18 Feb 2020


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