About LTMP Best Practice

Long-Term Maintenance Plans Best Practice (LtmpBP) is a website founded by John Bradley.

It contains his opinion of the best practice and standards that should be considered when you build or commission your long-term maintenance plans (LTMP’s). At this time, the content of this site is relevant to bodies corporate only.

John also operates a body corporate management company and has recently founded a cloud based LTMP app or template. That was after having built many LTMP’s the old fashioned hardcopy way under another company and brand he founded in 2012.

The experience he gained from personally building plans, then acting as a manager reviewing plans built by other professional plan builders, or enthusiatic owner-volunteers became the catalyst for this best practice website.

John learnt that there was wide variability in the quality and content of LTMP’s and some bodies corporate are attempting to work with plans that are non compliant, incomplete, are difficult or even impossible to understand, miss the point and in some cases make dubious statements.

There are also many different opinions and misconceptions out there, especially in regard to such things as opting out of a long-term maintenance fund, how much cash is required to fund plans and who is qualified to prepare plans.

On this website you will find articles discussing each of those topics along with many others.

You may not agree with all of the recommendations and standards published on this site but hopefully you will find at least some useful information or maybe are provoked into thinking more critically about the content of your own plan, or the next one you build for someone else. You might even want to build your own best practice manual or standards.

The ultimate goal of LtmpBP is to raise the national standards for body corporate LTMP's, so all comments, positive, negative or neutral are welcome and a strong consensus of opinion on any particular subject will be taken into consideration in updates.

There is further reading here on why there has been a need for this website .

More content will be uploaded from time to time.

Please use the contact form or phone John direct.


Prepared by: John Bradley. Last update 25 August 2016

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